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Completion Tools

Completion Tools

Wellhead, X-mas Tree, Gate Valves, Manifolds

Casing Head

Tubing Head & Tubing Head Spool

Typical Single & Dual Completion Well Head & X-Mas Tree Assemblies

Casing Head Spool

Tools & Service Equipment

Choke and Kill Manifold

Casing & Tubing Hanger

Choke Valve

X-mas Tree Cap

Tubing Hanger Spool & Coupling

Gate Valve

Single Completion Component

Bottom Pack-off Cross Over Seal

Wire-line pressure Control Equipment & Tool String

Measuring Line Stuffing Boxes

Tool Traps

Quick Union

Line Wiper

Grease / Oil Injection Supply System

Blanking Cap & Plug and Pump In Sub

Grease Injection Control Heads

Wellhead Flange Adapters

Lubricator Accessories

Lubricator Risers

Api Adapters

Wireline Tool String

Blowout Preventers 

Flange Adapter

Wellhead Flange Adapters

Coil Tubing Equipment

Coil Tubing Quad BOP

Tandem Side Loading Stripper Packer

Conventional Coil Tubing Stripper Packer

Combi BOP

Side Loading Stripper Packer

Sucker Rod Equipment

Blowout Preventers

Pumping Tee

Gas Anchors, Wrenches, Rod Guides, Rod Lubricator

Stuffing Box & Rod Clamps

Sucker Rod Coupling

Treating Irons, Unions, Swivels & Circulating Heads

Cementing & Circulating Hoses

Treating Irons, Union Connections, Bull Plugs

Circulating Head

Swivel Joints

Integral Fabricated Unions Connections

Mud Gun

Hammer Unions

Changeover Crossover Adaptors

Integral Welded Union End Fittings

Air Unions

Flanges Studs & Nuts Ring gaskets Pipe Fittings & Pipes

Metallic Gaskets For Pipe Flanges

Butt Welded Fittings (ASME B 16.9)


Ring Gaskets

Socket - Welding Fitting


Flanged Crosses And Tees (as Per Api-6A)

Threaded Fittings, Plugs & Bushings

Branched Connections

Flanged Studded Crosses And Tees (as Per Api-6A)

Seamless Pipe Sizes

Tubular, Drilling & Work- over Tools & Cementing Tools


Drill Collars-01

Lift Subs & Lift Plugs

Pup Joints

Drill Collars-02

Drill Pipe Pup Joints

Crossover / Connectors

Thread Protectors

Heavy Wall Drill Pipe

Drill Stem Subs

Well Test Equipment

Layout for Testing Gas Condensate or Oil Wells

Gauge Tank / Surge Tank

Manifolds / Unitized Well Control Head / Data Header


Gaslift Equipment

Completion Systems

Proportional Response Gas Lift Valves

PKO Gas Lift Orifice Valve

Injection Pressure Operated Gas Lift Valve

Pilot - Operated Gas Lift Valves

Wireline Retrievable Super Flow Orifice Valve

PDO-5 Gas Lift Orifice Valve

O Series Orifice Valves

Flow Characteristics of Super Flow Orifice Valve

Down Hole Flow Control

Nipple and Nipple's

D-2 Shifting Tool

FB-2A & RB-2 Equalizing Check Valves

Sliding Sleeve

Bottom Bypass Blanking Plugs

Equalizing Check Valve Choke With Ceramic Bean

Separation Sleeve

Fishing & Milling Tools

Milling Tools

Packer Milling Tool

Pilot Milling

Junk Milling


Taper Milling

General Guidelines

Washing Over Shoes

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